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Pre-Order Schedule

Updated: 30th March 2020

Following on from below, 4 of the FT solids pre-order are now stating they have cleared Sydney customs and are now ‘in transit.

2 other colours from the FT solids preorder are in transit still but not updating (going off the tracking it’s all a bit crazy!). My supplier hasn’t shipped the last 2 colours yet.

Jan/Feb Preorder Print Library (including retail) hasn’t had tracking update in a couple of days, still showing as ‘in-transit’, hasn’t touched down in Aus yet.

Keep checking back as I’ll update with movement when it happens. Again, as the Jan and possibly Feb orders are/will run over schedule please do email me at if you would like to cancel and be issued a FULL refund. I completely understand x

Update: 27th March 2020

Tracking for Jan/Early Feb Preorder Print Library orders has slowed right down (given tightening of movements due to the recent events). I can confirm they are most definitely in transit, as of yesterday they are at the international airport awaiting transport to Australia. I will update as soon as tracking changes (including in the VIP Facebook Group). It looks as if the Jan orders will be going over schedule a little so please do email me at if you cannot wait and would like a FULL refund to be issued. x

French Terry Solids Preorder is last fortnight - 4 colours have arrived in Sydney awaiting update on tranpost schedule to me. Another 2 colours have been picked up from the supplier by the freight company. I will update with tracking progress. The last 2 colours are being arranged by my supplier.  

Update: 20th March 2020

Tracking for Jan/Early Feb Preorder Print Library orders has the fabric rolls set to arrive to me this coming Tuesday (24th). Hoping no delays with customs with all that’s happening in the world at the moment. Will update here with tracking once’s it’s cleared customs. 

Update: 16th March 2020

Jan/Early Feb Preorder Print Library orders (Including lots of retail!) have shipped from the printers today, on their way to me! I’m not sure at this stage (due to COVID-19) if there will be a slight delay in transport. I’ll update if there is.  

Updated: 13th March 2020

My printer confirmed late this morning that the below mentioned print runs will be shipping to me within the next 48 hours! I'll get straight to cutting/shipping once they arrive (all orders at this stage should be received within allotted schedule). There is also lots of retail which i'll load after Pre-Order Print Library have shipped. 


Updated: 22nd Feb 2020

Preorder Print Library

Please assume all print library orders are on schedule. I shall post below if there is a delays with one of them.

January/February Pre-Order Print Library Run. Due to Coronavirus further delays on top of the initial planned Chinese New Year holiday have occurred. However, I had already given an extra 4 weeks on top of the initial Pre-Order Print Library Schedule prior to this delay occurring (as the NY holiday break can create delays I was being cautious with the time frame anyway) so all print runs are still running on advertised schedule (just not as quickly as I would have preferred), with the Jan print run just coming in on schedule (as posted in the collection). - The 2 print runs for Jan AND Feb are all schedule to arrive together approx. mid March. If there are any delays I shall update as soon as I hear but at this stage the printers sound confident for these dates.  

**Orders placed for the print runs on the 5th and 19th Jan 2020 will have delays up to 4 weeks on top of Print Library schedule due to printers closing for NY holidays as noted in the collection since mid December**

No further delays are expected.