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Pre-Order Schedule

Updated: 19th May 2020

The Pre-Order Print Library will temporally re-open for a few days each time a shipment is delivered to me. All shipments are now coming via sea and taking longer then the usual flight. Currently 3 orders are at sea (one should be arriving any day, delayed due to a...wait for it...a typhoon!) and a 4th, latest order now with the printers. These orders also include a lot of retail, so keep an eye on the retail collection also! 

Late Feb/Early March Pre-Orders: Are in-transit via sea, arrival to me in approx 2 weeks. UPDATE: delayed due to typhoon! (new one!!!) The printers have informed me it should be arriving any day to me. If you are unable to wait any longer for your order please email and I will issue a full refund for you.  

Jan/Early Feb Pre-Orders: A few of the meterage for selected prints and bases had been printed, however, was not shipped with this shipment when it arrived. The printers has put these missing prints in with the latest shipment in-transit to me now. As these prints are now running over schedule please message me at if you would like to cancel and be issued a Full refund.  

Now that freight (using sea due to Covid-19 restriction on flights) and printing services have settled down no further delays are expected.