Retail orders will temporarily ship on Tuesday’s & Fridays only. This will help limit my outings due to an unfolding COVID outbreak in the BOAF regional town. Shipping delays will occur due to the Stage 4 and 3 Restrictions in VIC.

Pre-Order Print Library

PRE-ORDERS are now closed for the next 8-12 weeks. This is due to the Stage 3 & 4 Restrictions now in place in Victoria as of the 3rd August. Keeping pre-orders open will likely lead to lengthy delays. Print Library will re-open once the distribution network is operating at higher numbers. Try the Retail Collection!  

(Pre-Order Print Library orders are sent to printers twice a month)

Minimum PRE-ORDER of 2 Metres per fabric base, per print (Min of 3 panels of your choice on the same fabric base)

All prints in this collection are Pre-Orders only, they are not in-stock

Quantity 1 = 0.50 Metres, Quantity 2 = 1 Metre, Quantity 3 = 1.50 Metres, Quantity 4 = 2 Metres and so on...

Printing Schedule: All orders placed up to 10pm aest on the First AND Third Sundays of every month are sent to the printers the following morning (Two printing schedules each month). There is then a 9-10 week printing schedule from each date (includes approx. 25 days in sea transit), bonus if they arrive sooner and a further 4-6 business days for checking/shipping these orders. 

I do not offer small batch printing of your own personal prints. Due to a number of factors but mainly licensing and that it's not something I'm passionate about. 

Orders from the Pre-Order Print Library cannot be combined with the In-Stock Retail Collection. You will need to checkout twice and pay for 2 lots of shipping.  

*Please view the Terms & Conditions of Purchase Prior to Checking out. Thankyou.

Designer prints, where applicable have been correctly licensed by BOAF. All licences allow for commercial merchandising rights.

All prints are inclusive of gst. 

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